Thank you!

Many thanks to our family, ward family and friends who helped us out when I was in the hospital from the 21st-25th. Our kids were well taken care of (they basically thought it was one big extended playdate and sleepover), we received yummy meals and treats and we are thankful for all those who expressed their concern, prayers, and willingness to help. We feel so blessed to know such wonderful, giving people!

In case you missed the details of my Hospital Drama 2009, here’s the short version. After being treated in the ER for painful stomach cramps and vomiting (there’s just no pretty way to say that), a CT scan showed some inflammation/blockage in my small intestine and a lovely blood clot near an ovarian vein. I was admitted to the hospital and immediately put on blood thinners and IV fluids. Needless to say, being in the hospital for the next 3 days was not fun and I missed my kids terribly, but Josh was there by my side the whole time. I am so grateful for him! I got home Wednesday evening, relieved to be home, but exhausted. Who can sleep in a hospital bed when nurses (who were fantastic) and other staff come in every 2 minutes (a slight exaggeration) to check vitals, poke and prod and make sure I’m passing gas?! Anyway, I’m feeling much better now, have several appointments with specialists to figure out what the heck is going on, and I’ll be on blood thinners for a while. And don’t worry, I have some kind of hospital drama about every 2 years, so you have something to look forward to in 2011.

2 thoughts on “Thank you!”

  1. We read Josh tweeting from the hospital, but had no idea what was going on. We’re glad that you are out of the hospital hope that they find the problem and that you recover completely!

  2. Haven’t checked out the website for a while, so had no idea you were in the hospital! So sorry! I hope you are feeling better and hope they figure out what is wrong. I just had surgery (again!), so know how rotten it is to have health problems. :( Hang in there.

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