Is anybody tired of us talking about our chickens? What can I say, they are the excitement in our boring lives. BackyardChickens.com is my chicken bible. I go on the forum a few times a week to find answers to my chicken-raising questions. According to many other chicken owners, chickens love cool watermelon on a hot day. So I tried it today, and as you can see, they LERVE it. (how many times did I say chickens on this post?) oh, and the what’s-their-names kids that live in our house love watermelon, too!


Here’s Emma with her favorite chicken, Sunshine. Emma loves to snuggle Sunshine up in a towel, feed her treats and snuggle cheek to cheek. In other words, Emma smothers her with love. Sunshine perks her head up when Emma comes into the garage, but I’m not sure if that is a “yay!” or an “uh oh.”