Is anybody tired of us talking about our chickens? What can I say, they are the excitement in our boring lives. BackyardChickens.com is my chicken bible. I go on the forum a few times a week to find answers to my chicken-raising questions. According to many other chicken owners, chickens love cool watermelon on a hot day. So I tried it today, and as you can see, they LERVE it. (how many times did I say chickens on this post?) oh, and the what’s-their-names kids that live in our house love watermelon, too!

One thought on “Yummm…watermelon”

  1. I love the chicken posts! I was going to recommend BYC to you, but you’re ahead of me there. We have a 1yo OEG bantam, and 2 three month old chicks. One is a Polish, and the other was a mistake from the hatchery, looks a lot like yours but probably a Wyandotte. I love my chickies too, and they are getting some watermelon tomorrow!

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