Rachel’s 50 Things

I originally wrote my “50 Things” list in May 1997, just after I graduated from BYU and was trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life. My friend Darilyn recently posted her 50 Things list on her blog and it inspired me to do the same. Maybe it will give the reader even more insight into the crazy workings of my mind – and push me to get crackin’ on the list!

50 things I want to do or accomplish in my life

serve a full-time mission (completed in April 1995)
graduate from college (completed in April 1997)
go to Disneyland (completed in May 1997)
visit each of the 50 states
visit Washington D.C. (completed in October 2005)
go white-water rafting
surf in Hawaii
travel to Israel
travel to South American, Europe, and Asia
trace my ancestors to the old world and visit those places
race in a triathlon
scuba dive
own a dog
live in a house with hardwood floors
remodel an old home
milk a cow
learn to horseback ride
learn to play the violin
visit Mt. St. Helens (viewed from air in October 2005)
own a computer (completed)
have a food storage (completed)
go on a church history trip
own a CD player and collect good music (completed and in progress)
learn to make pottery
become a professional calligrapher (working on that!)
learn to watercolor
see at least 50 LDS temples
compose a song
earn a masters degree
earn a doctorate degree
become a certified genealogist
teach someone to read (currently teaching Emma)
sponsor or help pay for someone’s mission
crochet a blanket
go whale-watching and see a whale
learn to speak Spanish fluently (working on that)
learn to speak French
learn to speak Cantonese or Mandarin Chinese
write a book
learn to downhill snow ski
write my life story
become a good photographer
visit a castle in Spain
have a library or reading area in my home
help pay for someone’s college expenses
teach at a university
plant and harvest a garden (completed)
learn to spin wool
learn to kayak, then kayak near the San Juan Islands