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We finally got an egg!

Yes, finally one of our “girls” laid an egg! A cute little brown thing. We don’t know which one produced it, but we think it might be Lulu. It was laid in the middle of the chicken run, so now we need to train the hens to lay in the nest boxes. We are so excited!

Our little kindergarten graduate

Sniff sniff. Emma had a fun last day of school and thinks it is way cool to officially be a first grader. Her class sang songs, had a classroom party and said goodbyes to Miss Maloney, Emma’s fabulous teacher. That day also happened to be Emma’s birthday and she had a fun party with family and friends. We’ll post photos later.


Is anybody tired of us talking about our chickens? What can I say, they are the excitement in our boring lives. is my chicken bible. I go on the forum a few times a week to find answers to my chicken-raising questions. According to many other chicken owners, chickens love cool watermelon on a hot day. So I tried it today, and as you can see, they LERVE it. (how many times did I say chickens on this post?) oh, and the what’s-their-names kids that live in our house love watermelon, too!


Here’s Emma with her favorite chicken, Sunshine. Emma loves to snuggle Sunshine up in a towel, feed her treats and snuggle cheek to cheek. In other words, Emma smothers her with love. Sunshine perks her head up when Emma comes into the garage, but I’m not sure if that is a “yay!” or an “uh oh.”

Preteen Chickens

Our babies are now almost 4 weeks old and getting so big! We’ve been taking them to the backyard for outdoor playtime when the weather is a bit warmer and they love it. We hope to have their coop and run finished in 2 weeks so we can kick these stinky birds out of our garage.

Each member of our family got to name a chick. I’ll post some glamour shots of each chick at a later time, but for now, here are some group shots of our girls: Sunshine Marigold (named by Emma), Lucy or LuLu (Rachel), Esmerelda Valentine (Josh), and Monster Truck (Gabe). Yes, you read that last one correctly. I’d love some ideas of nicknames for her!