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Danger, Will Robinson

Heard on the news last night that someone tried to steal some guy’s laptop at gunpoint at the light rail station I use almost every day. Nice…

It’s stuff like this that makes me extra careful about carrying/using my gadgets, and being aware of my surroundings in public.

Use your head, and don’t make yourself a target!

Josh, look! Aren’t you proud of me?!

Yes, this is Rachel’s first “independent” post. I feel so geeky. We are enjoying having the site and getting comments from friends and family. For your info, we did have a little family June birthday celebration, of which Emma was a birthday celebrity (for her 1st birthday). We will get photos on our site of that soon. Meanwhile, Emma continues to astound us with her sweet femininity – growling, snorting, making car noises and trying to burp on demand.

We Survived the Photo Shoot

We survived our photo shoot. After an early morning fashion consultation with Allison, Rachel decided on the yellow outfits/shirts. So off we went to the portrait studio, and everything went fine. Emma has such a wary personality when it comes to strangers. She normally laughs and smiles and babbles all day long, but when we put her on the table with the stranger (photographer), she gets this serious look on her face like, “hey, what’s going on here?” She doesn’t cry, or anything but it takes her a while to trust new people enough to grace them with one of her heart-melting smiles.

We shot 9 poses of Emma, and 3 of us all together. We chose a mix and match of the various poses for prints, and bought the option to be able to download all of the proofs later on, so we can post them here. Keep your eyes peeled.

Does this shirt clash with my belt?

We’re having family portraits taken tomorrow, and Rachel is currently making some last minute wardrobe coordination decisions.

Should we go with the yellow shirts/outfits, or the blue/purple combination? I had no idea this could be such a stressful decision.

We even looked on the portrait studio’s site at their wardrobe tips, but that didn’t seem to resolve anything (though I did learn that a scoop or V-neck is more flattering if you have a “full” face).

Rachel just came this close to calling her friend Allison for an emergency fashion consultation, but decided to wait until morning (note the time of this post below).

Will we find the perfect outfits for our photo shoot? I’m sure we will. I have full confidence in Rachel’s fashion sense.

We’ll keep you updated on how the photo shoot goes, and maybe even post the results here (if it doesn’t violate too many copyright laws).

It’s not “uh oh” if you throw it on the floor

Emma has learned to say “uh oh”, sometimes at random, but occasionally she’ll get the timing right, and say it when something falls over, etc.

However, her latest trick comes during dinner time. She likes to pick up a handful of whatever she’s eating, throw it on the floor, then look at us and say “uh oh!”

So, we find ourselves saying “it’s not uh oh if you throw it” to her quite a lot these days.


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Please feel free to leave any comments about our site, including things you’d like to see. Rachel and I both get email notification when a comment is left here, and we’d really like to hear what you think of our new site!

Photos from March 2004 trip to Utah

In March of this year we took a trip to Utah to visit Josh’s family and old friends. Here are some photos from the trip. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger version of the photo.

Here we are on the roof of the Conference Center in downtown Salt Lake

Josh’s mom, Karen and sister Jessica with Elexess (2 yrs.) and Skyler (2 weeks)

Emma with her grandpa, Josh’s dad Bobby

One more with Grandpa

Josh’s grandpa, Bobby’s dad Bob Sr.

Josh’s Grandma Karine

Josh’s grandpa, Karen’s dad Ron

Josh’s best friend’s mom Avona (she’s like a second “mom” to Josh)

Josh’s best friend’s dad LaRell (he’s like a second “dad” to Josh). Emma looks like she’s on drugs in the picture, but we swear – we didn’t give her anything.

Stephanie, a companion from Rachel’s mission