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Tonight Gabe went to the Daddy Barber Shop (inspired by Grandpa Sullivan) and got all his beautiful blonde locks buzzed off. His hair has been hanging in his eyes for weeks, so we decided to take a chance and give him a buzz cut. He was mad as heck and I almost cried. He looks like a different kid! At least he hasn’t lost his 2 year old attitude.



After 1

After 2

What Gabe and Emma are saying

Emma’s recent sayings:

(When she’s full after a meal) “Mom. I’m full of bananas and helen! *sigh*” (We have no idea where she got that)

“Mom, mom! I can see in the darkness. I’m like a bat.”

“Mom, if you exercise for a really really really long time, you can lose all your weight!”

Gabe’s yammerings:

“Vroom vroom” – for vehicles of all kinds or anything slightly resembling a vehicle
“Ruff Ruff” – for dogs of all kinds or any living thing with four legs
“Meh Meh” – for Emma
“nah nah” – repeating Emma’s “knock knock” jokes
“goo mornah” – for “good morning”